Whites Hill Carriages

Incorporating: A W Jones Carriages

Here are just a few of the main tasks a hire involves.



We just love the opportunity to show off our Carriages and teams when we can ,but it takes a lot of hard work and planning for what can often be a short time for you.

When you enquire about an event, we will need to come out to see you.  Agreement about what you want, where you want to go, what time you need to arrive there are the easy parts.


We will need to plan where we are going to harness up the team and Carriage, whether we will need to transport the carriage and horses to somewhere close to the event start. The time it will take us to get there - the 'drive' route will need to be seen to ensure the safety of all and to ensure the combo can actually get down it!.

When we go to an event, it means that the horses have to be readied for transport four times which takes about an hour each time. Add another one or two hours to prepare the horses and carriage for your use.  Travel times, advanced preparation of equipment and uniforms and so on are also time consuming . Here are some photos showing just some of the work involved.


A horse  and a Coach tranporter are needed for events away from the yard. The horses are always the first to be attended too. As they are discharged from the transport they are checked over and then given food and water.


                                                      Whilst the horses are being attended to ,being groomed and prepared, others will sort the carriage out.








and as with any team........................


a well earned cuppa before they start getting the harnesses out ready for coupling :)